General Information about Morocco

General Information about Morocco. Basic travel information about Morocco.

General Information about Morocco

General Information about Morocco

When travelling to Morocco, take a look of the basic information you need to know.


Currency in Morocco is Morocco Dirham. You can exchange the currency in the airport or in town. Euro and US Dollars are ok to bring it with you. The currency is around 1:0.12 to US Dollars. It means 1 US Dollars worth around 8.5 Dirham.

Time Zones

Time zone in Morocco is UTC +0. So it is great for European people to take a holiday here as there will be no jetlag or time difference. Also distance is not that far from Europe, so the journey would be fairly smooth.


People in Morocco speak Arabic, French, local Berber language and in north Morocco, people may speak Spanish. English should be at average level. The major cities the English level should be fairly good so it should not be any problem for any tourists.

Morocco is the most popular place in the world where visitors from all around the world come to spend their vacation time. When it comes to listing of tourism hot spots all over the world, Morocco is a place that cannot be left out of the list. Morocco is a enchanting country full of amazing places to see.

The article is generally a guide for travelers who are planning to visit and explore the beautiful country of Morocco.


Moroccos history is a grand as the country is large. Culture of morocco tells us about the ethics and civilisation followed by the people.

Adventure Tours for Adventure Seekers

The tourism sector of Morocco has by now been very well advanced and developed, with foreign investments pouring in and helping to keep the economy strong. Tourism is often times attracted by economics. Morocco has an amazing landscape that includes the High Atlas, the view from the top is simply breathtaking.

Personal Guided Tours

The best and safest way to see Morocco is via custom tour that will cater to your personal touristic needs and preferences. Besides time flexibility, local tourist guide can also be cheaper than signing up for a whole tour package. The single entry tourist visa is valid for up to 30 days. Book online to find the best Morocco tours. Morocco tours offer a great way to relish in the history that makes Morocco what it is today. If you are searching for the best Morocco Tour to make your vacation as an everlasting memory, check out all the special packages that best suits your needs. Morocco tours and holidays enable the people to know more about the morocco culture tours.